Welcome to Crisis Intervention Response!  We are (CISM) Critical Incident Stress Management certified.  CISM means that we are trained to help everyday people who have experienced a tragic life changing event.  The event can be a natural disaster or a man made disaster, accident, or unethical behavior or action.  Natural disasters cause crisis to the victims who are personally affected from the destruction after the event.  A natural disaster could be a flood, hurricane, tornado, or fire which causes a crisis in your personal life.  Natural and Man made disasters can cause loss of employment for extended periods of time, loss of your home, vehicles, personal items, and loss of life.   For more information click on the links above or contact us at (727) 514-2779. 

Crisis Intervention Response is a ministry of Bob Zasimovitch Ministries                  3499 Charmwood Ave., Spring Hill,  FL. 34609                                                         (727) 514-2779 or CIRM@ymail.com      http://www.orgsites.com/fl/goodshepherd/index.html

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